Datavision Leadership

The Datavision executive team is comprised of a respected group of Datavision veterans and accomplished industry professionals who direct the company’s global vision and strategic decisions. They lead by example, putting people first ­– which translates into an energetic culture and sustainable success through a never-ending dedication to customers. Get to know the individuals who create, support and execute Datavision’s innovative mission around the world.

Sudharshan Chary

Principal & Owner

Sudharshan is a Principal and Owner at Datavision. Prior to co-founding the company, he led software development teams at Fortune 500 companies and InterContinental Hotels. The extensive software engineering experience, paired with his time spent in the hospitality industry, has provided a unique perspective on leveraging the power of data. Today, Sudharshan continues to refine Datavision products and guide the way for future BI solutions. He is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut. He enjoys traveling with family and hiking mountains in faraway lands.

Sudharshan was inducted into the HFTP International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame in 2019.

Sherry Marek

Principal & Owner

Sherry is a Principal and Owner at Datavision. Prior to co-founding the company, she held positions at Hilton International and InterContinental Hotels. Sherry has experience at the hotel operations level and with corporate management. Her experience working for some of the largest hotel and resort global brands provides valuable insight on the importance of Business Intelligence.

Sherry is an alumnus of the University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!). In her spare time, Sherry enjoys traveling with family and making sure local spas are well patronized.

Peter Merritt

Director of Operations

Peter is the Director of Operations at Datavision. Peter joined the team when Datavision was initially establishing roots in the Hospitality BI industry. Peter has traveled internationally to meet with Datavision users of all levels to understand the needs of the industry. Peter is a creative leader in the organization; bringing BI concepts to reality.

Peter is an alumnus of the University of Miami. He is a proud Floridian who often takes advantage of our stunning beaches while still enjoying a ski getaway on a snowy mountain.

Gaya Kotapalli

Director of Software Development

Gaya is the Lead Developer at Datavision. Gaya joined the team when Datavision was laying the ground work for the initial BI product offering. Gaya is an accomplished statistician that has used the power of analytical thinking to solve data clarity issues. The unique blend of technology experience and applied mathematics has proven to give Datavision an edge in creating BI solutions for the hospitality industry.

Gaya enjoys kicking her feet up and taking time to enjoy the world around her.

Mark Fry

Director of Customer Success

Mark is the Director of Customer Success. Mark has been a part of Datavision since the very early days and has traveled to more than 250 customer sites all over the world. His vast experience with Datavision’s suite of services combined with his prior experience in hospitality operations makes him perfectly suited in ensuring that our customers are provided the very best white glove service possible.

Mark is an alumnus of the University of Phoenix. He is based out of beautiful Utah, where he enjoys his time in the mountains and boating with his three sons on the many lakes around Utah.

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